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Project Spotlight: Puyallup Victorian Revival

Written By: Felecia Gussman

(Project Notes Provided By: Taryn Deiters | Creative Director)

What is the name of this project and why?

We selected the name "Puyallup Victorian Revival" because it resonated perfectly with the essence of the project and here's why:

The term 'Revival' signifies the deliberate efforts to rejuvenate the architectural elegance of the Victorian era, highlighting features such as ornate details, high ceilings, and intricate woodwork. It proudly holds the City of Puyallup Restoration Award, signifying its exceptional historical and architectural significance. The inclusion of 'Puyallup' pays homage to the local context, placing the property within the vibrant downtown area. This name not only reflects the preservation of Victorian aesthetics but also acknowledges the infusion of modern amenities, making it a special property within the City of Puyallup.

What challenges did we have to overcome when staging this property?

Staging this home came with its share of challenges that required thoughtful consideration. The large size and intricate, older layout of the property, which differs from modern open floor plans, made it complex to showcase the space in a unified manner. Additionally, the unique charm of a Victorian-style home might limit its appeal to buyers unfamiliar with the intricacies of decorating such a residence.

Moreover, the property's expansive layout made it crucial to address each area strategically to ensure a harmonious flow throughout. Beyond the architectural intricacies, the ivory-colored walls with a yellow undertone added an additional layer of intricacy to the staging process. Balancing decor choices against the existing color palette required a meticulous selection to enhance the home's appeal.

Despite ongoing renovations, certain spaces in the home retained elements that could potentially give pause to prospective buyers considering future updates. This underscored the vital role of staging, serving as a visual solution to showcase the property's inherent potential. Through thoughtful staging, our aim was to guide potential buyers in envisioning a cohesive and inviting lifestyle within the home, effectively minimizing concerns about potential renovations and making the property more compelling in the market.

What was our main focus when staging the home?

Our primary focus during the staging process for the "Puyallup Victorian Revival" encompassed several strategic goals. Foremost among them was our objective to create a broad appeal, targeting a wide audience. To achieve this, we meticulously updated the property, strategically directing the buyer's attention to its standout features while downplaying areas that might require renovation or updating. This approach was designed to present the property in its most favorable light, emphasizing its unique charm and potential.

Beyond that, we aimed to showcase the full spectrum of what the property had to offer. This involved a thoughtful arrangement of furniture to suggest to potential buyers the various possibilities and lifestyles the home could accommodate. Our intent was not merely to stage a space but to convey a narrative — one that communicated how this older property seamlessly aligns with the needs and preferences of today's buyers.

A crucial aspect of our staging strategy involved presenting the property as adaptable to contemporary living. By creating a more relaxed atmosphere and addressing the evolving needs of a modern family unit, we endeavored to make the home feel both inviting and functional. Through these considerations, our main focus remained on illustrating that the "Puyallup Victorian Revival" is not just a historical gem but a versatile and appealing space ready to meet the diverse demands of modern-day living.

What psychological strategies were employed in this staging?

The staging for this property employed strategic psychological strategies aimed at creating a captivating and immersive experience for potential buyers. Recognizing the pivotal role psychology plays in home staging, our primary objective was to evoke a sense of immediate connection and visualization for prospective buyers. By creating an environment where buyers could effortlessly picture themselves living in or owning the property, we aimed to maintain this positive emotional resonance throughout the entire walk-through. The overarching goal was to keep the buyer focused on the desirability of the property itself, rather than dwelling on potential renovation costs.

To reveal the true potential of the home, both in real life and through photography, we adopted a light and bright color scheme for the furniture. This choice not only enhanced the visual appeal but also complemented the challenging yellow undertone of the walls with a modern and neutral palette, primarily using grey and white tones.

Addressing a large room to the left of the entry space, we strategically staged it as an office. This decision was made to appeal to buyers seeking a work-from-home setup, effectively transforming the potentially confusing space into a functional and purposeful area. The psychological underpinning of these strategies was to guide buyers in recognizing and appreciating the home's possibilities while minimizing potential concerns, ultimately enhancing the overall appeal of the property.

At First Impressions Staging + Design, our staging approach is more than just arranging furniture – it's a carefully crafted strategy aimed at unlocking your listing's full potential and capturing the hearts of potential buyers. Through a keen understanding of psychology and design, we transform spaces into irresistible homes, ensuring your listing stands out in the competitive market!


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