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Modern Staged Kitchen in Seattle, Washington

Our Process

Step 1


Meeting at the home allows us to make specialized recommendations for each of our clients.

During the initial walk-through, we will make recommendations as to which rooms should be staged based on your budget and the needs of your local real estate market.

Step 2

First Impressions houses an extensive inventory of furniture, art, accessories, and more, that we use to create a beautiful design to showcase your home.


A large portion of the work associated with staging your property is completed in our warehouse. We plan each item with intention, so we know exactly where the item will be placed before we arrive on the day of staging in order to best enhance the features of your home.

Step 3

Once our staging is complete, your real estate agent will have professional photos taken and the home will be listed.


Once you receive a great offer, you will notify us and we will schedule the destage once all contingencies have been satisfied. This will be your FAVORITE step of this process, as it is the result of the successful sale of your home or listing!

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