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Project Spotlight: "Prime" Style Bellevue Rambler

Written By: Felecia Gussman

(Project Notes Provided By: Taryn Deiters | Creative Director)

Exterior Photo of Rambler Style Home in Bellevue, Washington. The home that Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in.

What is the name of this project and why?

The project is coined as "Prime" Style Bellevue Rambler, a deliberate choice reflecting the profound historical narrative embedded within these walls. It's a thoughtful acknowledgment of the fact that this very home served as the incubator for Jeff Bezos' groundbreaking vision, marking the humble origins of Amazon.

The term "Prime" carries a twofold meaning in this context. Firstly, it is a direct nod to the renowned Amazon Prime service, embodying efficiency and excellence. Secondly, "Prime" underlines the prime location of the property within Bellevue, a city synonymous with technological innovation and progress!

Modern staged living room with neutral furniture and blue accents.

What challenges did we have to overcome when staging this property?

Transforming this residence through staging involved addressing a range of unique challenges with innovative solutions. The open-plan layout, while providing a sense of spaciousness, required careful consideration to avoid overwhelming potential buyers. The challenge was to guide their focus away from potential concerns related to dated finishes. Additionally, the scale of the living room, characterized by lofty ceilings, presented an opportunity to create an elegant space, even though the limited wall space for art added an extra layer of complexity.

Before and After of a living room with old staging and First Impressions Staging.

As we delved into the unique features of the home, we discovered charmingly snug bedrooms, finishes that carried a classic allure, and bathrooms that, while displaying signs of age, exuded a timeless vintage character. The kitchen, adorned with a touch of nostalgia, presented an exciting prospect for modern rejuvenation.

What was our main focus when staging the home?

Our central objective in staging the home was to elevate its overall appeal by transforming its basic and dated aesthetic into a visually striking and valuable space. The property presented unique challenges, including an open-plan layout, scale issues, and dated finishes. Through strategic staging decisions, we aimed to not only address these challenges but also create an environment that would capture the attention of potential buyers and highlight the home's inherent opportunities and features.

Before and After of a bedroom with old staging and First Impressions Staging

By focusing on updating the home, appealing to a broad audience, and enhancing its perceived value, our staging efforts were directed towards creating an inviting atmosphere. Our goal was to shift the focus away from any perceived deficiencies, such as small bedrooms or outdated finishes, and instead showcase the property's potential, leaving a lasting positive impression on potential buyers. The result was a staged home that stood out in its neighborhood, aligning with our commitment to adding significant value to the property.

What psychological strategies were employed in this staging?

Staging is not merely about placing furniture; it involves the strategic application of psychological principles to create a positive experience for potential buyers. By strategically placing furniture and creating focal points, we crafted an immersive experience.

Enhancing Perceptions of Finishes: Staging emerged as a key asset in reshaping how potential buyers perceive the home's finishes. In an empty room, it's common for buyers to focus on dated elements. Staging deftly shifted this attention, drawing focus to the potential of the space rather than any perceived flaws.

Modern Staged Eat-in Kitchen

Guiding Through Open Spaces: Open floor plans, while appealing, can pose challenges in capturing buyer attention. Strategic furniture placement and the creation of focal points became instrumental in guiding buyers through the space, ensuring that they appreciated essential features like vaulted ceilings and expansive windows.

Cohesive Design in Open Floor Plans: Maintaining a sense of cohesion in open floor plans required meticulous attention to detail. Thoughtful selection of centerpieces, florals, and greens within a consistent color scheme prevented repetitiveness, contributing to an overall updated feel.

Staged Bedroom with neutral colors.

Neutral Color Palette: The adoption of a neutral color scheme aimed to appeal to the broadest audience possible. Challenges posed by existing wood tones and blues in the bathrooms were thoughtfully managed, ensuring a harmonious and updated aesthetic throughout the home.

Strategic Styling: The selection of furniture, art, and linens was curated based on valuable feedback from the realtor, aligning with their preferences. The overarching style goal was clear – to modernize the home, attract a diverse audience, and elevate the perceived value of the property.

Staged office in neutral colors.

Accommodating Unique Requests: A notable example of our commitment to perfecting the listing was the inclusion of art in the garage, responding to a unique client request. This flexibility underscored our dedication to meeting specific desires and enhancing the overall presentation of the property.

The "Prime" Style Bellevue Rambler project exemplifies the power of strategic staging in transforming a space into a desirable and valuable home. By addressing challenges such as the open-plan layout and scale issues, our focus on updating the home and appealing to a broad audience has not only revitalized its visual appeal but also enhanced its perceived value. Through cohesive design choices, a neutral color palette, and meticulous attention to detail, the staged "Prime" Style Bellevue Rambler not only captures the imagination of potential buyers but also pays homage to the innovative beginnings of Amazon that unfolded within its walls.

Before and After of Kitchen with old staging and first impressions staging.


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