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Project Spotlight: Cherokee Bay Rambler

Written By: Felecia Gussman

(Project Notes Provided By: Taryn Deiters | Creative Director)

What is the name of this project and why?

This name was chosen for its two key attributes. Firstly, it is situated within the Cherokee Bay Park neighborhood of Maple Valley, Washington, emphasizing the property's location. Additionally, the term "rambler" describes the home's architectural style, often referred to as a "ranch-style" home. Rambler-style homes are recognized for their single-story design, featuring open floor plans, easy indoor-outdoor living, and a characteristic long and low profile.

Who was our client?

For this project, we had the pleasure of working with Beth Traverso, an accomplished managing broker at ReMax. With an extensive background in the real estate industry, Beth fully grasps the importance of home staging in enhancing a property's allure. Collaborating with her is always a delight, as she consistently prioritizes staging for all her listings, recognizing its crucial role in securing successful sales.

What was our involvement before we staged the home?

Before staging the home, our involvement began right from the initial consultation. Kathryn Lenhardt, our owner, played a pivotal role in this stage by assisting in the selection of paint colors, fixtures, and other essential elements. She provided valuable guidance to the sellers, helping them identify the priorities for preparing their home for a successful sale.

This early collaboration underscores the multiple advantages of connecting with a stager as soon as possible in the selling process. Staging consultations offer invaluable insights into the selling process and strategies to maximize your return on investment.

What challenges did we have to overcome when staging this property?

One of the primary challenges we encountered when staging this property was related to packing. We typically visit homes and capture photos before painting, making fixes, or completing any finishing touches. In this case, the house presented different color walls in every room. This diversity in wall colors created a particular challenge when it came to packing because we needed to ensure a neutral backdrop.

Neutral walls are essential when listing a home as they appeal to the widest possible audience, making it more appealing to potential buyers. Overcoming this challenge required careful planning and the ability to envision what the home would look like after the appropriate changes were were made to achieve that ideal, neutral canvas throughout the property.

What was our main focus when staging the home?

Our approach to staging this home centered on accentuating the various updates that had been thoughtfully incorporated into the property. We firmly believe that when the backdrop of a home features neutral tones and the furniture is thoughtfully curated and updated, it has the potential to profoundly alter the way a space feels, thereby adding significant value to the property.

By emphasizing these updates, we aimed to appeal to a much broader audience of potential buyers who could envision themselves in this space. Small yet strategic modifications that Kathryn recommended, such as fresh paint, contemporary light fixtures, and new door pulls played a crucial role in achieving this. These changes helped to redirect attention away from minor issues that might exist within the home and instead kept potential buyers focused on the numerous advantages and potential that this property had to offer.

In this way, our staging not only made the home feel more inviting and modern but also created an environment where potential buyers could clearly envision themselves living and thriving. Staging is not merely about decorating; it's about creating a vision and an emotional connection with the property, ultimately resulting in a quicker, more successful sale.

In conclusion, the Cherokee Bay Rambler project beautifully illustrates the power of proactive staging. It's like adding a bit of magic that transforms minor imperfections into selling points, drawing attention to a warm and contemporary space. Cherokee Bay Rambler is a shining example of how a well-thought-out consultation and personalized recommendations can make a world of difference.

By embracing a consultation's full potential and putting the suggested improvements into action, the results are crystal clear – a home that captures the hearts of a broader audience and paves the way for a quicker, more profitable sale. This project showcases how careful planning, teamwork, and a sharp eye for detail can lead to a successful outcome, benefiting both sellers and buyers.


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(Photography By: Jae Koh | im3rdmedia)



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