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6 Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Home Stager to Sell Your Home or Listing

Remember the saying, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression"? That's especially true in the world of real estate. Within just 30 seconds of stepping into a house, potential buyers decide if it's the one. This is where the magic of home staging comes in – showcasing your home or client's home in its finest light to captivate those eager buyers.

If you're gearing up to sell, here are six essential tips for finding a top-notch home stager:

1. Look for RESA-Recognized Expertise, Not Just Labels:

Home staging isn't under government regulation, but that doesn't mean credentials aren't important! Instead of getting caught up in vague titles, focus on stagers who have completed courses recognized by RESA (Real Estate Staging Association). This way, you're assured of their industry-relevant skills and knowledge. Remember, substance trumps superficial claims.

At First Impressions, we take the art of home staging seriously. Our commitment to excellence shines through our owner's extensive training with Staging Studio, equipping us with the latest industry techniques. We're proud to be a recognized member of RESA (Real Estate Staging Association), a testament to our dedication to upholding professional standards.

Staging Studio Home Staging Certification Badge

But we don't stop there – our team's hunger for knowledge is insatiable. We actively engage in ongoing education, continuously enriching our staging and design expertise. As proof, our owner, Kathryn Lenhardt, recently participated in the 2023 RESA Convention, showcasing our passion for staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of home staging.

2. Don't Be Shy – Ask for Proof:

If your home's worth $200,000 or more, your stager should have a track record. Have they decked out homes in your price range, in various styles? Seek references and project photos. Do they have reliable suppliers in their contact list? If your clock is ticking before the market debut, you'll want to know they can handle pressure.

A glance at our expanding portfolio will provide a glimpse of our proudest home transformations, and we keep the excitement alive on our vibrant social media platforms. Furthermore, our extensive network of reliable suppliers ensures that your staging process is seamless, even if time is of the essence. And oh, have you seen our treasure trove of furniture and décor styles? If you took a peek of our warehouse, you would be amazed at the array of endless possibilities we have available.

If you're interested in seeing our work, you can find our portfolio HERE!

You can also Follow Us on Instagram and see our most recent projects.

3. Does the Stager Understand the Difference in "Decorating" & "Staging":

Home staging isn't just about making things look pretty. It's about highlighting your home's best features, downplaying any blemishes, and tapping into the psychology of what makes people fall in love with a space. It's storytelling through décor.

Drawing from a wealth of over 20 years in the real estate realm, our team possesses an innate understanding of the intricate psychology behind home staging. We've unraveled the secrets of the best cognitive triggers that captivate potential buyers. Beyond just aesthetics, we have the power to orchestrate spaces that resonate deeply with individuals, allowing them to envision the life they could lead within those walls. Our expertise doesn't just transform rooms; it transforms dreams into tangible possibilities.

4. They Should Speak Real Estate:

Before hiring, find out if your stager understands the real estate realm. Have they bought and sold their own properties? Do they grasp the recipe for transforming a house into a showstopper?

Kathryn Lenhardt, Owner of First Impressions Staging + Design

Here at First Impressions, we are led by the remarkable Kathryn Lenhardt, an experienced former real estate professional. With an extensive background in the industry, her wisdom and insights are a true treasure trove for our team. Rest assured, with her at the helm, your property's transformation isn't just skin-deep; it's backed by real estate wisdom that translates into undeniable results.

(Kathryn Lenhardt | Owner | First Impressions Staging + Design)

5. A Stress-Free Partner in Selling:

Selling a home is nerve-wracking. Your client's fears can pile up – will it be ready in time, am I making the right choice? A savvy stager doesn't just beautify spaces; they calm jitters and provide answers. They become your partner through the process, making the ride smoother.

Home Stager meeting with Clients

At First Impressions, we understand that the process goes beyond the visual transformation; it's about alleviating anxieties and providing clarity. Our dedicated team doesn't just revamp spaces; we walk alongside you and your client, a partner through every single step of the selling process.

With us by your side, you're client can navigate the intricate landscape of selling with heightened confidence and a smoother journey ahead.

6. Quality over Cost:

Don't fall into the price trap. Hiring based solely on cost might save you a few bucks, but it could cost you a small fortune in lost potential earnings. Investing in proper staging upfront is like a ticket to a higher home value.

Imagine this scenario: a home staged with minimal investment might save a few bucks upfront, but it's akin to neglecting a valuable asset that could yield significant returns. When a property stands as a stage for lackluster presentation, potential buyers might glance past it, missing the opportunity to truly envision its potential.

Contemporary - Modern Staged Great Room

At First Impressions, we firmly advocate for the philosophy of quality over cost. Our seasoned expertise stands as a testament to the profound impact of thoughtful investment. While our steadfast belief in prioritizing quality over cost remains unwavering, we also hold a pragmatic approach. We understand the practicalities of the real world and acknowledge the importance of providing value to our clients.

That's why we are committed to delivering our exceptional services at a competitive price point that aligns with your needs and those of your clients. Our goal is to offer a balance – ensuring top-tier quality without compromising affordability.

Traditionally Staged Master Bedroom with Neutral Colors

When you're on the brink of selling, a home stager is your secret weapon. Before locking in, fire away with questions. This collaboration will shape your selling journey, so make sure it's a comfortable fit. Remember, selling your home isn't just a transaction; it's a transition to a new adventure. Let your stager guide you through with expertise and ease.

So, are you prepared to unlock the full potential of your client's property and embark on a transformative selling journey? Our team at First Impressions is eager to be your partner in this exciting venture. With a blend of industry expertise, creative vision, and a commitment to your unique needs, we're here to craft an unforgettable home staging experience.



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