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Unveiling the Process of Pricing a Staging Project

Updated: Apr 28

Ever wondered about the intricacies behind pricing a vacant staging project? At First Impressions Staging + Design, we're all about transparency and education. Join us as we peel back the layers and reveal what truly goes into determining the cost of a stage!

Labor & Time ($900 - $1700)

Pricing a staging project involves a significant investment of labor and time. From the initial design and planning phase to the final de-staging and warehouse organization, every step is meticulously planned and executed.

Design & Planning: During the design and planning phase, our team dedicates ample time to envisioning the layout, selecting furniture and accessories, and ensuring that every element complements the style and features of the home. This process involves thoughtful consideration of factors such as color schemes, furniture placement, and overall aesthetic appeal, as well as the target market for the listing!

Staging Prep at Our Warehouse: Once the design plan is finalized, the stage prep begins at our warehouse. This involves pulling inventory from storage, wrapping and packing decor and accessories, and preparing furniture for transport.

Staging Day Loading & Unloading: On stage day, our moving team loads the truck, transports the inventory to the staging site, and places the furniture in each room according to the design plan. On Location Staging: After the furniture and decor delivery is complete, our staging team gets to work executing the design plan and ensuring that every detail is perfect. This includes placing furniture and accessories, assembling beds and tables, and making any final adjustments to create a picture-perfect space.

On Location De-Staging & Loading & Unloading: During the de-staging phase, our team meticulously dismantles each piece of furniture with precision, ensuring that every item is handled with care to prevent any damage. Accessories are carefully packed into protective containers to safeguard against breakage during transit.

Warehouse Organization: Once the inventory is safely loaded back onto the truck, our attention turns to the organization of the warehouse. Each item is unpacked and cataloged, with meticulous attention to detail to maintain a streamlined workflow for future projects. This ensures that inventory is readily accessible for upcoming staging projects, allowing us to maintain our high standards of efficiency and professionalism!

Communication is Key: Effective communication is essential throughout the staging process. From the initial contact with the client to the day of de-staging, our team is in constant communication to ensure that every aspect of the project is executed seamlessly. This includes communicating with clients to understand their needs and preferences, coordinating logistics with movers and other vendors, and providing updates and progress reports throughout the staging process.

Movers ($900 - $1,500):

When it comes to staging, the logistics of transporting furniture and accessories play a crucial role in the overall success of the project. Our team works closely with experienced movers to ensure a seamless transition from our warehouse to the staging site and back again.

Installation and De-staging: The cost of movers includes the installation and de-staging process, which encompasses loading and unloading furniture, placing and assembling the items/furniture in each room according to the staging plan, and carefully dismantling everything once the staging period is complete.

Truck Expenses: The size of the truck needed and the duration of its use are important factors in determining truck expenses. The moving team assesses the requirements of each project to select the appropriate truck size and estimate fuel costs based on distance and prevailing fuel prices.

Moving Staff: The number of movers required depends on the size and scope of the staging project. Whether it's a small condo or a sprawling estate, the team ensures that an adequate number of movers are available to handle the job efficiently.

Inventory Costs ($900 - $3,000):

Inventory is a significant component of staging costs, and our diverse inventory includes everything from:

  • Furniture - Sofas & Couches, Dining Tables & Chairs, Accent Tables, Beds, Accent Chairs, Nightstands, Dressers, Benches, and so much more!

  • Rugs

  • Soft Goods - Bedding, Blankets & Throws, Pillows

  • Wall Decor - Mirrors & Wall Art

  • Lighting - Floor & Table Lamps

  • Greenery - Various Sizes of Faux Plants & Stems

  • Accessories - Books, Vases, Decorative Objects, etc...

Each item is carefully selected to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home and create a welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers. The cost of the staging inventory used is factored into the overall staging price.

Overhead and Miscellaneous Expenses

In addition to labor, time, and inventory costs, staging projects also incur overhead and miscellaneous expenses.

This includes costs such as:

  • Warehouse - Rent & Utilities

  • Insurance - Worker's Comp. & General Insurance

  • Business & Software Systems - Accounting & Payroll Software, Inventory Management, Project Management, Design Software, Client Management, Etc...

  • Professional Memberships - RESA

  • Supplies - Storage Bins, Moving Supplies, Lightbulbs, Extension Cords, Tools, Cleaning Supplies, Etc...

While these expenses may not be immediately visible to clients, they are essential for maintaining the quality and professionalism of our staging services. By investing in these overhead and miscellaneous expenses, we ensure that every staging project is executed to the highest standards and delivers exceptional results for our clients.

Pricing a staging project involves a comprehensive understanding of labor, time, inventory, and overhead expenses. By providing transparency and education about the pricing process, we empower clients to make informed decisions about their staging investment.

At First Impressions Staging + Design, we're committed to delivering exceptional staging services that enhance the appeal and marketability of every home. Our goal is to exceed client expectations and create memorable staging experiences that drive results.

We hope you can appreciate us lifting the curtain on the pricing process and uncover the magic behind the scenes of home staging. Together, let's transform spaces and elevate the marketability of every home!



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