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Project Spotlight: Elevated Mt. Baker Craftsman

Written By: Felecia Gussman

(Project Notes Provided By: Taryn Deiters | Creative Director)

Exterior Photo of Rambler Style Home in Bellevue, Washington. The home that Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in.

What is the name of this project and why?

The name "Elevated Mt. Baker Craftsman" perfectly captures the essence of this beautifully renovated home in the charming Mt. Baker neighborhood. The term "Elevated" signifies both the physical elevation of the home's stunning views of Lake Washington and the Cascades, as well as the elevated level of craftsmanship, design, and expert staging throughout the property.

Modern staged living room with neutral furniture and blue accents.

What challenges did we have to overcome when staging this property?

Originally built in 1912, the home’s layout was preserved, featuring spaces designed for more formal living. This included an extra-large dining room and a relatively small living room, which is contrary to modern home designs where the living room typically dominates. When the home was vacant, the small living space stood out even more, which can feel cold and echoey without the warmth of linens and rugs.

Before and After of a living room with old staging and First Impressions Staging.

One particular challenge was making the kids' bedroom appear larger. To achieve this, we used a slightly smaller bed and rearranged the room to include a desk. This strategic placement ultimately made the space feel much larger and more functional than it initially appeared.

What features in the home did we showcase?

In staging the Elevated Mt. Baker Craftsman, we made sure to highlight several key features that make the home truly special. The craftsman features were particularly important to showcase, such as the beautiful built-ins in the living and dining areas. We used ample decor and accessories in these spaces to demonstrate how homeowners can utilize these charming elements effectively.

The home also features a loft, which we transformed into a kids' playroom, allowing potential buyers to envision how they could utilize this extra space creatively. Similarly, in the basement, we created an additional living area and game room to show the versatility and functionality of the space.

Additionally, the property boasts beautiful natural lighting, which we emphasized by keeping our furnishings and decor light and bright. This approach helped to enhance the natural beauty of the home, making it feel even more inviting and airy. By focusing on these features, we were able to present the home in its best light, appealing to a wide range of potential buyers.

What was our main focus when staging the home?

Our main focus when staging the "Elevated Mt. Baker Craftsman" was to elevate the listing to the next level and highlight the home’s best features. With a closed floor plan and separated rooms, our staging choices allowed us to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere, directing buyers' focus to the positive attributes of the property, as well as showcasing the flow throughout the home. Expert staging was also essential in making each of the bedrooms feel more spacious and inviting!

We aimed to appeal to a broad range of potential buyers by showcasing each room's potential while highlighting the beautiful details and rich history of the craftsman style. By blending these classic elements with a modern flair, we created a space that resonates with buyers in 2024, ensuring that both the timeless charm and contemporary touches are appreciated. This approach not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also helped buyers envision themselves living in a home that marries the best of both worlds.

Our "Elevated Mt. Baker Craftsman" project embodies the perfect fusion of timeless craftsmanship and modern allure nestled in the scenic Mt. Baker neighborhood. Our staging efforts tackled challenges posed by its historic layout, like transforming the cozy bedrooms, enhancing the flow in the closed floor plan, and enhancing the home's natural light to showcase its full charm. We highlighted its unique features—like the craftsman built-ins, a versatile loft turned playroom, and a functional basement—to create a warm, inviting ambiance that resonates with potential buyers seeking a blend of classic elegance and contemporary living. This project not only enhances the home's appeal but also invites future owners to imagine a lifestyle enriched by its character and thoughtful design.


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