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Is Staging a Vacant Home Necessary? Yes! Here's Why...

It may seem counterintuitive but filling a room with furniture and decor actually makes it appear larger. This is because vacant rooms have nothing to anchor the eye, causing the space to feel unsure and disjointed. Vacant home staging solves this problem by strategically placing furniture and accent pieces, creating defined areas and a clear flow within the room. In addition, well-chosen decor adds depth and texture, drawing the eye upwards and creating the illusion of more space. So next time you're trying to sell a home or just make a room feel larger, remember that empty does not equal spacious. Vacant home staging is the way to go.

1. A Vacant Home Doesn't Reflect the Price Point Accurately

When a home is vacant, it's often difficult for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. And let's face it, how exactly are they supposed to get excited about an empty room? Staging a home allows buyers to envision themselves actually living there, and ultimately helps establish the property's value. Think about it - would you pay top dollar for an empty room, or a room filled with cozy furnishings and stylish decor? I know which one I would choose. So before listing your property, consider staging it - trust me, it can make all the difference in establishing its true worth. Don't leave your home's value up to imagination - show off its potential with a little help from staging.

2. A Vacant Home Means Ambiguous Spaces Without Purpose

When potential buyers walk into a vacant house, they are faced with a blank canvas. Sure, an empty room can be seen as a symbol of newfound freedom and endless possibilities, but let's face it - it's just plain boring. In contrast, staging a home adds character and warmth to each space, creating a vision for how the room could be used in everyday life. It also helps attract the right type of buyer for the specific property and neighborhood, rather than leaving it open to interpretation. And let's not forget the most important factor - staging has been proven to increase sales price and decrease time on market. So when it comes to selling your home, don't leave buyers feeling lost in ambiguous spaces without purpose - hire a stager to define each room and show off its full potential.

3. A Vacant Home Attracts the Wrong Kind of Attention

Have you ever walked by a vacant house and thought to yourself, "Who would ever want to buy that dump?" The truth is, empty homes are often seen in an undesirable light by potential buyers. Without furnishings to soften the space, flaws become more visible and unattractive. Low ceilings suddenly seem oppressive and awkward room shapes appear even more peculiar. However, the right furniture can work some magic - those low ceilings now create a cozy atmosphere and those weirdly shaped rooms suddenly seem functional and inviting. So before sticking that "For Sale" sign in your yard, consider investing in some furniture - it just might be the thing that attracts the right kind of attention from potential buyers. Plus, who wouldn't love coming home to a beautifully furnished space? Don't let your vacant home repel buyers - make it appeal to their senses with tasteful furnishings.

If you would love a professional stager's help taking your property to the next level (or price tier), let's chat! Book a consultation with us today.

Talk Soon,

Kathryn Lenhardt

CEO | Certified Staging Design Professional


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